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Tax & Financial Planning

TMG staff and associates have decades of experience preparing tax returns for individuals and corporations. We review/prepare your financial statements and both your personal and your company federal and state tax returns. Throughout the year, we evaluate your business results and advise you of any activities that could compromise your tax position.

With pension plans becoming a thing of the past and the future of social security facing uncertainty, Americans are becoming increasingly responsible for saving for their own retirement. Are you comfortable determining asset allocation and distribution strategies? Do you know how much you will need when it is time to retire? Are you equipped to make financial decisions necessary to achieve your financial dreams?

Financial success should not be left to chance. With a solid plan in place, financial independence becomes feasible for anyone committed to making a change. While no-one plans to fail, the failure to plan can prevent you from achieving your financial desires. TMG affiliates are ready and able to provide you with sound financial advice that is tailored to your business/profession.