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Accounting Process, Design & Enhancement

TMG has extensive experience establishing sound internal controls and procedures for many businesses. When working with clients who have established processes, TMG evaluates existing accounting processes and procedures, and makes prudent recommendations.  In addition to assisting with the initial accounting system design, TMG is also available to assist clients with system implementation. Our services include:

Financial System Review & Assessment

TMG will review your current financial system and controls to determine the adequacy of existing processes and reports. We will make recommendations to ensure that your financial system provides you with the most complete picture of your business finances.

Internal Control Assessment

Two of the most important functions of an accounting system are to provide adequate control over funds received and disbursed, and to protect company assets. TMG will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your internal control environment and make appropriate recommendations for improvement. We will evaluate segregation of duties, delegations of authority and responsibility, compliance with contractual obligations, etc.

Developing and Documenting Accounting Procedures

The policies and procedures that control the operations of a business make up its internal control systems. Properly designed procedures encourage adherence to prescribed managerial policies, protect the business assets, and ensure that accurate and reliable accounting data are produced. TMG will document your policies and procedures in a comprehensive accounting procedures manual that will aid your administrative employees in performing their day-to-day responsibilities and minimize disruptions during times of change.